Our portfolio contains over 200 different educational and informational innitiatives and projects in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable development.


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ASSIST offers a two-way approach to energy poverty: active engagement of consumers in the energy market, and a positive change of behaviour in relation to energy consumption and to influence design of policies at all levels.


The CA EED provides a trusted forum where EU Member States can exchange experience and collaborate with fellow experts in order to learn from one another’s energy efficiency initiatives.
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The CA-RES3 is a structured and confidential dialogue between national authorities responsible for the implementation of the Directive 2009/28/EC or their nominated representatives. In the CA-RES3, participating countries exchange experience and best practices, participate in a cross-learning process and develop common approaches. The CA-RES3 is organised around 5 Core Themes in the areas of RES electricity, RES heat, guarantees of origin and disclosure, biomass mobilisation and sustainability and RES in transport.


EU Heroes is a European partnership project tackling barriers to the development of community owned solar PV projects.
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European Industrial Energy Efficiency good Practices platform
The platform dedicated to energy efficiency "Good Practices" in the main industrial sectors.

EU-MERCI project, aimed at fostering and facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the manufacturing industry sectors by selecting and disseminating technological and policy best practices.


iBRoad focuses on individual building renovation roadmaps and building logbooks, in support of deep renovations in the residential sector.
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The project IMPLEMENT - Improving Local Energy and climate policy through quality management and certification aims at setting up the necessary structures to carry out the programme in municipalities in the new target regions by introducing the quality management and certification system European Energy Award (eea) in Belgium, Croatia, Greece and Poland


Database on energy efficiency indicators and energy consumption by end-use and their underlying drivers in industry, transport and buildings.
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PUBLEnEf project aims to assist European Union Member States in implementing effective and efficient sustainable energy policies (with the focus on energy efficiency) and empower them to make use of the best practices and policy processes implemented in other Member States at the national, regional and/or local level.


Our mission is to help young SMEs and startups save energy and cut costs at work by introducing simple yet effective energy efficiency measures into their daily routines. To achieve this, we are offering free-of-charge mentorings and training activities in nine European countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and United Kingdom.
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The overall aim of the THERMOS project is to provide the methods, data, and tools to enable more sophisticated thermal energy system planning rapidly and cheaply.

THERMOS aims to accelerate the development of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems across Europe, and enable faster upgrade, refurbishment, and expansion of existing systems.


WinWind is a project under the EU H2020 research and innovation programme, that aims to enhance the socially inclusive and environmentally sound market uptake of wind energy by increasing its social acceptance in 'wind energy scarce regions' (WESR).
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