The aim of an energy audit conducted by our experts is the analysis of the main energy pathways, with the goal of finding possibilities of improving their efficiency and lowering the plant’s energy costs, allowing companies to attain a competitive market position. The results of the audit and the necessary actions of improving energy efficiency, based on the findings, allow companies to re- duce their energy use, on average, by 3% to 8% annually.

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Building energy audits allow us to state which modernization measures, which products, and which technological solutions are most beneficial in regard to energy savings and cost effectiveness. The goal of the study is delivering data needed for an informed decision on the thermo-modernization of the building. We analyse different variants, with respect to the user’s comfort and environmental protection.

Depending on the buildings characteristics, the undertaken thermo-modernization measures can reduce the amount of energy used for heating from 40%, up to over 60%. 


We offer comprehensive approach to design and building of energy-efficient and passive houses. We develop designs for individual investors and for public entities. We offer energy audits for our buildings, performed by certified energy auditors.
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Under contract with companies and local government entities we prepare financial support applications for energy saving and RES projects such as: thermo-modernizations of public buildings, outdoor lighting and ecological public transport.We develop feasibility studies and offer comprehensive assistance in preparing financial support applications. We also participate in the process of creating new financial support programmes. Our experts support public institutions responsible for managing public funds, in developing rules, guidelines, and the requirements for chosen priority programmes dealing with energy efficiency and RES.


A lighting audit evaluates the current lighting systems and presents possible modernization measures, their scope, technical and eco- nomic parameters, indicating optimal solutions from an economical and energy efficient standpoint. Lighting systems modernizations, depending on their scope, can reduce energy use by between 40% and 60%.
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We use our knowledge in preparing guidelines and reviewing legal acts in preparation, as well as in creating new financing mechanisms for energy efficiency and RES investments. We participate in the development of national and regional energy efficiency and low carbon economy plans, in addition to evaluating their implementation. We prepare strategies, prognoses, expert opinions and analyses on energy efficiency and RES in the energy, construction, manufacturing and transport industries.


We aid local authorities in developing plans connected to low carbon economy and energy resources supply plans, together with preparing energy use monitoring concepts. We offer suitable solutions and tools, created by our agency, to aid the process of local energy management (e.g. tools for optimal energy planning).
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We are preparing tender documentation and energy efficiency audits essential for participation in the White Certificates System in accordance with the requirements of the energy efficiency law. We advise and represent our clients in various stages of the White Certificates tender application process organized by the President of URE (Energy Regulatory Office).


We educate and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources as part of projects financed from national funds, including promotional campaigns e.g. „Energy Bus”, and competitions such as, „Energy Saving Office”, „Energy Saving House” (passive), the„Competition for the most energy efficient Polish Municipality”. We provide expert advisory services in the field of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources by preparing plans, analyses, strategies, expert opinions, feasibility studies of implementing energy saving solutions, market research studies and reports. We advise our clients on optimizing the energy economy of industrial plants, residential buildings, lighting systems, public transport, as well as heating and power transmission networks.
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