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For the industry

biale certyfiakty

We advise our clients on optimizing the energy economy in industrial plants, buildings, service facilities, public use buildings, street lighting systems, public transport, as well as heating and power networks.

Moreover, we facilitate energy efficiency improvements in companies and industrial plants through courses and consulting, aimed at promoting energy-saving behaviour, implementing modern energy management systems, rules for sustainable energy generation and the use of renewable energy sources.
Our advantages:

  • professional experience in evaluating the energy efficiency of industrial plants acquired through industrial energy audits (in companies), using unique measuring equipment and cooperating with experts with many years of experience,
  • high level courses conducted by our experts trained in Japan,
  • cooperation with researchers from technology universities, the Chamber of Industrial Energy Consumers, the Forum for Electric Energy and Gas, as well as other institutions and companies such as the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, the National Chamber of Commerce, etc.,
  • access to the newest Polish, Japanese, and European organizational and technological solutions in industrial energy efficiency through cooperation and participation in EU programmes (European EnergyManager, ExBESS, EU LTA Uptake, CARE+), and standardization work in CEN/CENELEC and IEC, as well as advisory and evaluation bodies nationally and abroad,
  • one of a kind industrial energy efficiency laboratory in Poland and Europe.