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Building energy audits

charakterystyka energetyczna

Recent research has shown that in Poland twice as much energy is used for each unit of living area, as in Western European countries with a similar climate. Building energy audits performed by KAPE experts aim at tackling this disproportion.

We perform energy audits for residential, service, industrial, and public use buildings, which enables choosing the appropriate, most energy saving and economically feasible modernization, technical, and product solutions. Our advantage is years of experience. We performed energy audits and/or complex energy economy modernization concepts of buildings such as: the Włókniarz Sanatorium in Busk Zdrój, the Ministry of Economy building in Warsaw, the Cardiology Hospital complex in Anin, the Warsaw Medical University, as well as the complete technical analysis and multiple-variant modernization conception of the window carpentry in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Audits can also be the basis for thermo modernization investment financing from environmental funds (e.g. National and Voivodship Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management) and structural programmes.

Audits concern all the elements, installations, and equipment connected to a buildings energy use:

  • outdoor partitions (walls, roofs, flat roofs),
  • windows,
  • heating installations,
  • ventilation installations,
  • climate control installations,
  • hot water installations,
  • lighting,
  • personnel and cargo elevators,
  • using all available renewable resources (solar collectors, photovoltaics, biomass boilers, and other locally available renewable energy sources),
  • using waste heat reclamation units,
  • using nonconventional energy and heat sources (combined heat and power, polygeneration).